Conceptualized in 2003 B.S. via a thatched roof hut with the pious venture of local academicians, social workers, and donors, Shanti Namuna Higher Secondary school is a government school sited at Tilottama Municipality ward no. 6, Rupandehi, Western Nepal (midpoint of Butwal-Bhairahawa section of Siddhartha Highway). However, it got official recognition only in 2016 B.S. The students of this school appeared in SLC in 2024 B.S. for the first time and currently more than 200 students appear in SLC every year. The school launches its academic program in both English and Nepali medium from Montessori to +2 levels in its own well facilitated building with spacious and ventilated rooms, multipurpose playground within its premises.

A glimpse of some important chronology of the school.

Conceived;- 2003 BS

Officially registered:- 2016 BS

Secondary School:- 2023 BS

Vocational School:- 2025 BS

Namuna School:- 2034 BS

Initiation of English Medium:-  2067 B.S

Selected as a Model School by Ministry of education:- 2073 B.S

Owing to their unfathomable generosity and inclination towards education literary figure sardar pandit late Rammani Aadi donated 32 Bigaha (…………2332800 sq ft……..), Swayami Dayananda Giri donated 6 Bigaha (…437400 sq ft………) , late Krishna Kumari Brahamini ( locally recognized as Kashi Basi Bajai) donated 5 Bigaha (…364500 sq ft…………) to lay foundation, establishment and operation of this school. The school also owes to late Krishna Hari Dhital, late Prem Mani AadiMr. Kaladhar GautamMr. Prem Nidhi Nepal whose incessant support and endeavor has proved a corner stone for its establishment, continuation and advancement. The contribution of former principals   late Mr. Jagdish Prasad  upadhayaya (2026-2055 BS), Mr. Krishna Prasad Gautam (2055-2060 BS), late Mr. Dilip Singh Thapa (2060-2067 BS……….) is equally important for leading the school towards academic excellence. The successful  leadership and his contribution of Mr. Ghanshyam Gyawali (2067 BS-2073 BS) was the milestone for the school. Currently the school operates in the premiership of more energetic and respected personnel Mr. Kul Prasad Lamichhane(2073 onwards).



Our vision aligns with shifts in the global Creativity, innovation, and a desire to challenge the status quo, both in what and how we teach and in the intellectual ambitions of the school itself


We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities.


To apply teaching /learning through enthusiasm and amusement but not pressure. To promote the essence of self dependence, problem solving ,moral behavior and dedication.